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Yup. I had way, way too much fun with today’s strip. The second panel is my favorite though, if only for Geoffry’s face.

And the last panel. I think I have too much fun drawing Security and Hnæf in the computer lab stalking everyone. :D

Though, it does mean Security is probably late for a job somewhere…

Color later! Now! :D

Oh! And WaM got its first review! Thanks to Tangents.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Getting Lucky” by The Chipettes


Horatio might be… a little too happy to see Geoffry. XD And Hnæf and Security look like they’re having way too much fun stalking everyone. Well, Security anyway. XD


Why must Geoffry always suffer? What did he do to deserve being hated by everyone? … Oh yeah. He got to marry that borderline-nymphomaniac goddess of evil. HE MUST SUFFER MORE! :lol2:


EHHHHH?!?!?! Did Horatio seriously just punch his boss/idol of obsession? :shocked: Brain hurts now… Can’t comprehend…. GAHHHHHHHH!!!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:


It’s like a wife yelling at her husband if he went away without telling her for too long. When he returns she is happy, but also upset! =D


It appears that Horatio’s devotion to Geoffry is more amorous than feudal. XD In the beginning, Liliy sort of hinted that Horatio’s loyalty was kind of like the loyalty of a vassal to a feudal lord. Now it’s much closer than that. You really did have too much fun with this strip, didn’t you, Liliy? XD Congratulations on getting a great review!

Security looks like he’s overflowing with unbridled glee. He’s gotten to experience payback against Geoffry twice in one day now, so no wonder he’s so happy. I can just picture him clapping his hands with wicked glee behind the monitor. :D


Thiiiis I did not expect. Maybe he expected him to be locked in a dungeon somewhere, and walking around (mostly) free without ever bothering to contact him seriously put him out of joint. Should be interesting to see where this is headed!


heh heh, nice twist.

I just read the review and i thoroughly enjoyed it, too bad he did not give it a rating.I would have loved to see how he would rank it


The only reviews I really rate are the Metareviews (which I’ve not done in over a year; they take far too long to write up so I procrastinate on them). While I suppose I could rate comics, that seems rather arbitrary, and doesn’t really make any sense as I’ve told my readers on multiple occasions that they should decide for themselves. Just because I like or dislike a comic doesn’t make my views more valid than their own.

I’m glad you enjoyed the review. :$


aww poor Horatio, his boss doesn’t remember him XDD
that and Geoffry looks a bit confused there, total WTF look X3

yay glomp! :D


Oh c’mon now. Horatio’s not necessarily in love with Geoffry; maybe he’s just French!… or something.

Hnaef and Security are so funny together. They’re like a comedy duo. I especially like Hnaef’s expression.


Oof! That( ring)’s gonna leave a mark… Nice angle and depiction, Liliy, given that that is a little out of your general style.

C’mon, now, Geoffry: can’t you even greet your long-lost-second-in-command by name? Especially right after calling his mortal enemy “honey” not more than a yard from his nose?

The expression you put on Geoffry’s face in panel two is definitely a work of art, particularly when taken in conjunction with panel one, Liliy. However, I think the real expressive mastery in this page is the perfected look of abject disgust on Hnaef. Even the boy’s HAIR contributes to his emotive visage. Well done, and congratulations on the review. :D


Whoa! Uppercut! So unexpected but so bursting in awesomeness.

And who doesn’t love Security’s face in the last panel? “This is karma.” :D


I love Geoffry’ face on panel 2 too! He’s just like O__O while Horatio’s like >3>


Why did Horatio punch him? Payback for something he did long time ago? Because Horatio loves him too much? Was Horatio trying to go in for a full kiss except accidentally punched him?

Anyway Lily I love you!


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