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Reversed (Almost)

So, how much do I rock?

Traced an old WaM.

Copy pasted.

Copied the background & SFX over.

Cut down the text.

And I was STILL thirty minutes late.

You all know you love me. *wink*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Plauges” from “Prince of Egypt” (Ralph Finnes & Amick Bryam duet to epic choir bg- Yes.)


Isn’t that kind of cheating? oh well, it happens. I love how Mordred’s roots are showing ^_^


Not when it’s done intentionally and I actually wanted to do it that way from the start way way before procrastination set in. XD

For once.


I love that too. I so thought it was an awesome touch. And far better than just randomly letting it be black again. Good job, Liliy. XD


And the classic punchline makes its triumphant return! Ha-ha!

Splendid. This is going up on my wall right next to its counterpart.

Isn’t it funny that Mordred looks even grumpier than usual now that his hair is growing out? Wiglaf, you are too merciful. You should have given him a skunk stripe and made it permanent.


…And here’s the “unfamous” strip. :P

…Can you believe that was the first strip I ever saw of your webcomic? And I still have it in my favs from that time? That’s why I istantly recognized the copy-pasting. :cool:

…I’m gonna kinda miss Mordred’s pink hair, in a way. Don’t let it recover color too fast, Lilly! :D


Great job doing a reverse of the previous sofa scene strip. You used just the right adjustment to account for Wiglaf and Mordred’s differing personalities. :D


Hello, I’m finished reading through your comic for the first time the other day, only to find myself re-reading it immediately, I HAVE NEVER DO THIS BEFORE. What kind of hilarious, warming, silly crack have you given me :argh: ! (I don’t care really, it’s fun! :D )


Awww….I like his pink hair. Ooo…make it an even weirder color like blue! or purple! or… blond(grins evily) :meh: :ohhyeahh:


Wow, that is all too perfect. One of my favorite strips, redone so that Mordred’s the butt of the joke? Amazing. I don’t care if you ‘cheated’ to get it done, it’s just too funny!


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