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Right This Way

The tour is officially underway!

Hurrah. *throws confetti everywhere*

Edit: My Wednesdays continue to be annoyingly busy. And a a coworker is officially out for vacation. I’m hoping they calm down as the year finishes out, but I don’t know. Either way…I am chilling tonight. Also Genshin Impact is a lot of fun for a free game, even with its Gacha Game mechanics. Lol. I can only play when my bro lets me borrow his PS4, but it’s fun. xD I’ll see you guys on Friday. Wish me luck for the rest of the week!


Security, just warp away without taking the plant with you already. Or is the teleportation “technology” you are incorporated with not able to differentiate between you and a plant that has worked it’s way into your blood stream?

…or is it that you are planning on taking advantage of the poor, cute plant as soon as nobody has eyes on you with your unknown & probably alien physiology?


Lance looks really great in that top panel. Perfect combo if theatrical, dramiatic, and cocky, its pefect him


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