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Right to the Point, Isn’t He?

(Color in like an hour…)

Ah~ Been waiting to do this strip forever. Lancelot’s going to be fun, I think. I hope so anyway.

In other news I’ve been reading a lot of DC comics lately. I’ve come to a few conclusions:

1. Superman/Batman Annual #1 is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read next to maybe Nuklear Age by Brian Clevinger.

2. Superboy and Robin (Tim) should be together. Always. *twitch* I can’t remember the last time I needed two people to be in the same room. Oh wait – I can:

3. Nite Owl II & Rorschach. Same deal as Superboy & Robin. They just…need to be around each other.

But enough of that.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Times They Are A-Changing” by Bob Dylan


I expect Lancelot will be fun… XD “ARCH!” It’s fun to finally see Driver’s eyes, though seeing her in much less than the uniform brings back horrible memories of the cake pinup.. *_*;

Excellent choice of lyrics again; I’ve been listening to that song (and a few others) on loop for a week. XD


Hooray for a glimpse of Driver’s eyes! ^_^

I’ll be interested to learn how Lancelot developed his mania for flora. XD

Nice color choices for the backgrounds. I like the yellow backgrounds and the multicolored ones behind Lancelot.


i see they both like their flowers (mordred always doing stuff with roses)
But I think Lancelot is in a permenant state of delusion.
When I read this I could just hear “his name is Lancelot” from montypythons “Spamalot”


…I spit coffee all over my computer when this comic came up, and now I get to spend all day laughing maniacially while cleaning out my keyboard. I love Driver! :D

…BTW- did anyone notice that Lancelot seems to be suffering from a bad tanning job or is it just me? O.o



I just started reading this comic tonight- somehow within only a few hours I managed to read though them all and now I’m hooked! =D I’m excited for the next one. x3 Driver has an admirer! Mordred’s smirk in the last panel is priceless xD


Wow 0_o Hellooooo site make-over! (first comment about that, srsly? Sw33t <3)

This might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I can’t wait for the day that I’ll be able to read the first WAM comicbook. You ARE planning to print this one day, right? :curious:


Life is about to get very interesting in Springland Apartments!

Settled on the clematis as Lancelot’s flower, huh? Very nice. So Mordred is prickly and doesn’t really want to give love (rose) and Lancelot is clingy and smothering (clematis). Excellent!

*Looks back at Driver’s room.* How much money does that young man have? Or does he own his own landscaping center with arbors of those flowers he can cut to use?


Lancelot specializes in his own little mutant hybrids. :D He can grow those things like nobody’s business.

Having money to fund his little botany lab doesn’t hurt either. *cough*


Love the now setup, and its funny because i showed the site to one of my friends who’s into web design a few days ago(before the site changed) and he said that you should have changed it, and now its changed to almost exactly what he said you should have changed :D


Yeah, it was in need of a little upkeep. Now I just need to sort out all the little stuff like text and spacing. :) Glad you like it.


:love: Such lovely eyes, no wonder she hides them. It just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the cast for Ainsley to steal the whole show. As for the cake pinup, I need to open my bookmarks for another look … ahhhh, Beauty = Driver … in a red velvet cake … covered in icing … and little but a hat. :ohhyeahh:


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