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Riot Baby!

Today’s jokes are brought to you by my little brother (you may have seen him comment around as OokaminoKishi) and my Dad. Bro provided the book joke, and Dad provided the riot gear joke. So thanks to you guys!

And yay free material! :D It’s fun not having to think.

Security needs to stop stealing the show. *pats him* Even if he does look sexy in riot gear.

Corrected Swedish translation by Watch & Nirlem/Johnny Johansson. Thank-you!


Ah Security. I do like his riot gear. ^_^ What is he humming, by the way? And Wiglaf seems really annoying in this one; I almost agree with Mordred that Wiglaf needs to stop calling him that. XD


He’s just humming some random little tune I came up with way back when in his third or forth appearance. Though it got a few extra notes in today’s strip. XD

Annoying? What was annoying? He’s voicing a valid complaint about Mordred abusing his good will. XD


Security in riot gear is brilliant. :D He sure looks like he’s enjoying himself wearing that armor and carrying a baton. LOL

I like Mordred’s surprised reaction to seeing Security in full riot-patrol body armor. XD


‘Vän min’ = ‘Friend mine’ or ‘a gentle expression’ (en vän min)
‘Min vän’ = ‘My friend’

it’s possible to say ‘vännen min’ though.

(en) vän = (a) friend
(flera) vänner = (multiple) friends
(den) vännen = (that) friend
(de) vännerna = (those) friends


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