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Road Trip

Alternate titles for today’s strip include:

1) Yes, Sadly, it is.

2) Horatio has a death wish.

3) Wiglaf should have fought harder to get Mordred in the back seat.

…So he and Mordred can play cards. *cough*

Anyway – we haven’t had one in a while so!


What’s your favorite way to keep yourself occupied on long car trips?

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Welcome Home” by Choheed & Cambria


Cards… right~. I’m surprised Driver isn’t hitting anyone in any of these panels. XD

I like to watch the landscape on long car trips; there’s usually something interesting to look at, even on long stretches of mostly boring highway. XD


She’s busy driving. If she hit someone, then it’d ultimately end up hurting everyone, not just the people she wants to hit. (This includes her.) Though if there was a way to eject the backseat, she probably would have used it already, doncha think? XD

XP I amuse myself by thinking up new ways to describe things so that I can write them down. Or I’m just thinking of random things. I hate travelling long distances, even though I love being in a new exciting place…


I read and listen to music on long car trips when I’m not required to act as the navigational device.

And frankly, I like the third alternate title. Is “playing cards” what they call it nowadays? XD


On a long car drive… I’m the driver. -_-0 No games for me. But my iPod and me have loooooots of quality time together.

On a completely different and random matter…why doesn’t Mordred have black roots peeking out? I think Wiglaf’s been sneaking into Mordred’s room with Driver to touch up Mordred’s hairdo. :lol2:


Hair doesn’t grow that quickly. And I need it to grow out a little longer before coloring it with the roots showing will look even remotely right. XD


My Nintendo DSLite. Or, if you want a group entertained, poker, License Plate Bingo, or Racing Cars. You pick a car and the one whose car overtakes all the other players cars Wins.The finishing line is usually when you go under a bridge/arch or if one of them goes up a ramp. It’s actually quite addictive and you can even place bets on them! :$


Driver and Horatio are off to such a great start together. XD

Poor Wiglaf. It looks like all this lack of harmony in the car is getting under his skin. ^_^

Reading books and listening to music are the best paraphernalia for long car trips. :D


Excellent work, Liliy, because the tension is palpable and the whole thing really does feel like a car interior. Tell me: Does Driver drive in England enough to have one of those massive, old, fold-out British driver’s licenses? Those are incredibly useful if you get pulled over in the US. Cops just don’t know what to do with them.

On long car trips, I spend a great deal of time pondering (though people seem to think me stupid, if I’m asking a simple question, it’s because I’ve thought through all the variables [usually on a car trip] and there’s more to the issue) and listening to road noise (this can sound like music, both symphonies and rock concerts, and can change whether one actively listens or passively listens. If it’s a repetitive trip (road music never changes along a particular route, unless there is massive construction), I’ll turn on an audiobook.


I usually sleep or listen to music. I would read, but I get carsick really really easily. I don’t like being carsick.


I stare off into space (normally out the window) until i lose track of whats around me, kind of like sleeping with my eyes open. :D


Okay, I’m finally sort of awake….a full honest answer from Shi-chan, then.

I usually pack a bag of things to do along the way, books, sketchpads, gameboy, PSP, CD player, but oddly enough I usually end up listening to a Disney CD on my CD player and staring off into space, only occasionally realizing where I am by having a random thought like ‘oh its a cow’. Only if it’s late at night or early in the morning do I actually sleep on the car ride…


I used to read (I read obsessively), but now I get carsick if I try….T-T

So now I listen to music, sleep, or poke my sister. We once had a poke war that lasted a good two hours.


I am exactly the same, sadly. If I try to read or play some hand-held game while in the car, I will get very queasy within a minute and have to stop.


i love this comic, and i love how driver and mr.obsessed-to-save-his-boss just dont get along

i usually sleep, draw, think of a story to write, or listen to my ipod.

its more often falling asleep while i got the notebook in my lap and my music connected. :lol2:


I stare out the window and daydream, mostly. When you’re a role player, imagining various scenarios involving your characters keeps you pretty entertained (especially when one is the Archangel of Death and can quite easily be caught at murder scenes every now and then).

Though if the car ride is three hours long or more, I’ve found that I am very likely to sleep through most of it.


Geez, I haven’t been on a “long” (1 hour+) trip in a couple of years! I suppose that I would bring my portable CD/DVD player and play/watch CDs/DVDs.


Wow? 1 hour is a long trip? My work commute is 30 minutes. Ha ha; consider yourself lucky. At this point, I don’t consider a trip ‘long’ until you pass the five hour mark. XD


last time i was in a car? I think either trying to have some time talking(or more!) with Van, and i played cards and laptops saves time!


Ususally, I’m the navigator on those trips. If I don’t need to be, I sleep most of the time, try to figure out where the other cars are from, sleep more etc…

I like how you got Mordred look so very tired in the last panel.


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