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Run Faster

Gawain and Hagen are so cute you’ll ignore there’s no color~ *waves hands in circular motions in attempts to hypnotize readers*

…I think I found my new favorite WAM couple.

And just to give you all something to look forward to: They’re running in the direction of the main gate. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“We’re All To Blame” by Sum 41


I love these two together. I see big things for Gawain and Hagen, I really do.

Can’t wait to see the page colored.


LOL! Don’t look now, but I think this means G’s dating Hagen now. I mean, he’s been ripped apart by mom, and now dad’s chasing him while he’s got their daughter on his arm. er…carrying his arm. OMGSF!


I just love these two so much! I wonder if Hagen has had boy issues before. Her parents seem a little bit over protective…

I can’t wait to see it colored.


The two of them are real cute. The picture in panel 3 is really amusing. XD

Gawain’s sure having an awful first day in the new job. Between watching dull videos, getting chased by a psychotic doctor, losing an arm, and now getting attacked by a giant, it’s all been pretty atrocious. Oh well, maybe getting together with Hagen will make it all worth it. Maybe. ^_^


Faster…just, faster.

Also, I wonder how Daddy thinks that some zombie is holding on to his daughter….castle fairy tale like, eh? :$


The retro dots in panel three are great. XD And that is one big man. *_* I fear Gawain may not have any limbs left if Ricky gets ahold of him… assuming he’s not a big softy for Hagen. XD


OMG! I just realized (what with the comic now complete) that the last panel looks like it was taken directly out of Beetlejuice The Cartoon. Especially with the pinstripe pants G’s wearing. ^_^


Great. So on top of assaulting the huge guy’s wife, he’s now running away at top speed with his daughter draped over his shoulder. I think Ricky is going to figure out a way to kill Gawain.


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