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Run Those Numbers

Sedrick wants Arthur to make a mark. He’s still hoping for that somewhere deep in his soul, even if he did have his whole “Take over episode” before. XD

Edit: I…did not get a lot of sleep this week. I’m sitting here with my eyes closing on me and it’s only 10:00pm. I’m gonna just pass out and see you on Friday. BUT. I do have something really exciting to tell you: I’m getting a new computer! Finally! That means I can start streaming again!! And not worry about my computer exploding when I try to open Photoshop (I’m still running off a cheap external with a computer over 10 years old…). I haven’t ordered it yet, but I will definitely have one by the end of the month.

I’m super excited. :D Okay. I’m going to change my fish tank water and go to bed. 


If looking for ideas may I suggest caltrops.
Lots and lots of caltrops.
Even better if they are autonomous and self deploy as a massive sparkly scurrying carpet of small pointy bits poking holes in everything the come across and turning large objects into perforated puzzles ready for disassembly XD

Oh the FUN to be had.

Flat tires everywhere.
Air Jordans deflated
Doors handles that pull free from doors.
Floors, sidewalk, roadway that punch through to lower levels because of too much weight.
All clothing becomes tear away ….

[gets escorted away by nice men in white suits]


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