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Run Zombie Run

Yeah, I’m a loser.

It’s days like today where ad-libbing WAM doesn’t pay off. *bangs head* It just did not want to be written.

I must have a vendetta against sleep. It’s the only explanation for why I’m posting WAM in color at 12:41 AM on Thursday.

So~ Enjoy it anyway! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Art of Breaking” by Thousand Foot Krutch


First comment? COOL! I love seeing the comics materialize. I wonder what it will look like tomorrow.
And have I said how much I love Gawain/Hagen? Because I really, really do.


Love it. XD

Though in the fourth panel maybe you want to leave off ‘it’ because it would work for the accent you’d been using.


I really like the idea of Gawain flying-tackling Doc Galen in the seventh panel. It seems he still has his guts (and rhyming parts) intact. Cute idea with the fleeing silhouettes as a final panel/footnote, too!

For a instant-write comic that frustrated your goals, this turned out quite well, Liliy.


Personnel cards; I wonder if those are like trading cards for Garrott employees. And where we can buy a pack… XD

Panels two, six, and ten are great. Silhouette’s for the win! XD


Heh heh. Even when he is wounded, Gawain can be a physical threat. XD Good thing he retrieved his arm.

For an ad-libbed edition, Liliy made this strip real cute. The various expressions on Galen, Gawain and Hagen are all very well-done, and the silhouettes were a great idea.


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