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Heh. Sexy lady. *cough*

Right. WAM. Um, say hello to Gawain’s new partner! :D Those are blood spatters by the way on her uniform. Dried blood isn’t red.  :cool:   Gawain should heed the advice of the title. Run. Run boy run!

Or not. She could just look scary. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

But more important than WAM -


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Move Your Dead Bones” by Dr. Reanimator


Heh heh. Like her way of speaking in broken English. Also nice touch with Gawain’s freeze frame. Hurrah for more henchwomen!


I dunno… I kindas likes her already! it’s gunna be fun to see her hurt Gawain… again, and again, and againandagainandagain.


“Galen,” huh? *Shudders deeply.* I just got out of my Cold War summer classes, and am already having flashbacks.

But other than that, hurrah!!!!!!!, galen); She can really flaunt that uniform. Especially with that cat-in-the-cream grin.


Wow. She’s only just been introduced, and she’s already dangerously close to taking Drivers place as my favorite female character.
I blame the accent. Her hair is pretty kickass too though 83


Ummm… Just so’s you know (for future refrence), dried blood is darker then what you did. Your’s looks like mud. Blood is a blackish-brown-red, and in splatter form tends to have a deep-red outline around the brown-red area. The lady’s white stocking’s should have a more redder stain since it’s over white.
Don’t ask me how I kow this. Let’s just say I should stop volinteering at the hospital… 0_0


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