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Runs in the Family

Sedrick centered today; ain’t he cute? Yes he is. Yes he is. *coddles*

But enough of that. Comic 90 is coming up! If you haven’t voted yet, you should do so. :D Currently Cowboys is winning, french maids in close second. Your vote could decide!


Ah, Madam Garrott is so eloquent speaking on the glories of carnage and destruction. XD Seriously, Liliy, the dialogue you wrote for her is very entertaining, especially in the third panel. She indeed comes across as simultaneously courtly and ruthless, like one of those elegant crime lords in gangster movies. Nice work.

I wonder why she has it in so badly for the residents of this particular village. Maybe they were insufficiently courteous toward her. ^_^


Cheers for the gangster reference; I’ve always been a fan of old fashioned mafia in movies and such.

In all likely hood…she just woke up one morning and said “I want to see that burn.” With a laugh before pouring a cup of tea. :D


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