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Safety Before Modesty

I bet you all forgot Lancelot and Driver were on the sidelines, didn’t you?

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi


Hm. I agree, Grace. I thought ‘ugly’ was your thing?

Also… I find it interesting that her clothes are third on that list, there, Mordred…


I think we should all turn the other cheek. And this isn’t balenced, we need Wiglaf to lose his shirt too. :love:


I think a topless Bliss doesn’t bother him as much as Camlann is-Bliss he can turn away and ignore, Camlann ranting and blasting isn’t so easy to ignore.


lol you’d think put close on would be first. And sure lets nave the awesome hero lose his shirt. :love: :] Eclat will be scared for life now.


Huh. When their names are next to each other like that, Lancelot and Driver make me think of Code Geass.



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