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Said A Mouthful

*throws up comic and runs for dear life*

(You’ll get the rest tonight. Today I’m just being eeevvviiilll~)

Ha ha. Wow. XD This took way longer to finish than I thought. But I love how it turned out. If you’re curious – this was up all day Friday. So most of the comments down below make sense. It was fun though seeing you guys respond to that. Hee hee.

Ah Horatio. He’s in so much trouble.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood


Liliy does have some excuse for the partial script. I made her go to a special activity last night so she was short on time to draw. The rest of the comic will be good if it ever get drawn.


Ha ha, you are soooo bad. But that’s one of the things we love about you, Liliy. XD

That’s a really nifty idea, putting Arthur and Sedrick in a French cafe to wine and dine. I wonder what kind of wine Arthur favors.

Be back later for the rest!


Red wine… Sooooo…. Given what we know about Arthur, he seems like he’d prefer a sweet wine. (Dry wine just doesn’t sound right.) I think he’d be a Soleil or maybe a port drinker. :B


While you may THINK there’s only a partial comic up there, its actually a clever rendition of what’s currently going on!

You see, Horatio has absconded with Geoffry and is now on the run from a wrathful Janus! As they ran, a great blizzard set upon them! Wiglaf, always prepared for such things, had arctic gear for them all so they’re all in white snowsuits. Janus had to go back and get hers, so she’s a little behind right now.

Mordred and Driver are exchanging some witty quips, and finally Horatio brings the group to a stop to yell at the two of them! The lot get engaged in a bit of an argument, so that Geoffry is the only person who sees the Polar Bear rearing up to attack!

Its really quite impressive.


Hah, I thought it was actually a joke. Like, ‘you ever feel like your missing something important?’ and then back where the important thing is supposed to be happening, nothing is actually going on! Haha! … but it’s not a joke. That’s okay though, it entertained me anyway :D


Hooray, there’s the rest of the story! Wow, did Viola pick up a trick or two from Security? Heaven knows how she got in there just like that. She does look really pretty in that pink shirt.

I love those brightly colored backgrounds in panels 3 and 4. Horatio’s sparkles look cool against the red background. And I love how Horatio turns as pale as a ghost when his wife appears. XD I think Horatio is in for even more suffering. *snickers and rubs hands together*


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