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Say Sorry Already!

Oh Camlann. You just want to be loved…or some other stereotypical motivation? I don’t know. I think he just wants to kill things now that he doesn’t depend on another person for his power. Or something. I don’t know. They do their own thing.

Um. That’s about it. XD

“Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce

Go listen.


Oh dear. If that actually manages to hit Mordred, just think – what would ARTHUR do once he hears of it?


I want the spell to turn him into a rabit. I know it probably wouldn’t, but just imagine a cutte little black bunny with pink tipped ears and tell me you don’t want to see it


I’m pretty sure Wiglaf was trying to talk Camlann down there. Wiglaf didn’t really look all THAT put out by Camlann’s attack, a little mussed up maybe but when people get beat up its been very visible thus far. I hope to see Wiglaf lay the smackdown on Camlann now >_>


I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for Camlann he’s been around for centuries and has shown he as remarkable powers (granted he destroyed lots of stuff but aside from that) and they continue to ignore him and treat him like nothing more then a trinket or souvenir item. Yes ok he talks at like a million miles an hour (probably) and talks a lot but maybe that partly has to do with being consistently in the sheath where his powers are suppressed and he can’t talk so the odd time Wiglaf did use him he had a lot of stuff to say as well as a lot of pent up anger. So this whole fiasco could have easily been averted if they actually had used him more and took the time to figure out exactly what this sword can do.Sure Wiglaf doesn’t NEED him cause of his super strength but that doesn’t me he couldn’t use him from time to time. Maybe they could have occasionally just pulled him out and let him yammer away on a table or something (they could have just bought earplugs if they don’t want to hear him)

Ok yah attacking Mordred was going to far but sometimes people do drastic things when they are trying to get someone else is attention to do something (not to mention attacking someone is not going to get an apology out of anyone let a lone Wiglaf)

So I can certainly say I can see why he did what he did even though it was extreme,but he obviously felt the only way to get the point across that he felt disrespected and uncared for and ignored was to do something extreme. Hope they learned there lesson not to ignore magical artifacts (especially ones that can talk)


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