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Say ‘Thanks’ Already

Ha ha. Grace wants attention. And he wants it now.

Poor sap.

Hmm. Going to a wedding this weekend so we’ll see when Sunday’s WaM gets done. It’ll either be late on Saturday or I’ll end up doing it Friday. So you Ustream viewers can keep an eye on twitter to find out when. XD

Um. I think that’s it. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Thou O Lord”


The snark! It thrills me! haha, this came out GREAT. Grace is totally an attention whore. :$ I kinda love hims that way though, so meh. Keep up the awesome!


Oh. My. Goodness. Brynhildr is SO amazing in this. I can actually HEAR the concern in her voice. Once Azrael’s in her care and starts doing better, I fear for Wiglaf. For doing this to HER Azrael? He’d better start running now. :omg:


He’s done it before and they haven’t gotten Wiglaf back for it yet. Without bosses and an actual job to do he might be able to chase after Wiglaf more effectively now though–once healed.


Aw, poor Grace. But you’d think he’d be used to it by now. :P Despite Azrael practically being in love with him, Grace and his powers and just a givin’ to Azrael. :P


What, no love for Svafa and Sigrdrifa launching into action so quickly? Stole a plane. That rocks. :lol2:


Now I’m curious, does having Grace also allow Azrael to heal quickly as well? Or, does grace suck strength from opponents and that heals the wielder if they’re injured?
(I don’t know how else to word that so it makes sense. He(Grace) just happened to mention ‘You’re the only reason I’m conscious right now’ and ‘leech strength from’ in his little rant and was curious about those)


It’s like a mini-power boost. It doesn’t’ really heal anything; more like an extra jolt of adrenaline. :)


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