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Say You Love It, Wiglaf

Somewhere Herschel is happy.

Hey look, I got WaM up! :D

And Wednesday is Halloween…might have to do a Pin-Up.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Power Of Love” By Huey Lewis and the News


Wonderful, WONDERFUL work as always.

Also, if you plan to do a pinup, allow me to offer a suggestion.

Mordred as Kiritsugu and Wiglaf as saber. From Fate/Zero. Seems fitting.


This is so awesome. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Mordred this bubbly and hyperactive before. It’s like he’s reverted back to an innocent child hyped up on sugar.
Mordred’s missing the ‘t’ in ‘cutest’ in the last panel by the way.


The background colors remind me of Bliss’s hair. Is this significant? Maybe. Maybe not. I am also very sleep deprived and probably shouldn’t be allowed to post comments.
Grendel is an exceptionally patient puppy to not squirm while being held out like that.
Or maybe puppies are more patient than being held than kittens? I am also a cat person, so…


fitting the cat person lives with a cat “person” Mordred is lazy,apathetic, thinks he’s the one in charge despite the fact others can easly kick his ass. and its said you don’t adopt a cat they adopt you


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