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Science Should Be Enough

I don’t think he’s on board, Lance.

Pray for me. I return to the office tomorrow after finally settling into working at home and I’m not ready.

Edit: First week back in the office and we have a bulk mailing to put together and get out before the week ends (I should have seen that coming). Long story short: It’s annoying tedious work and I spent most of today (Wed) doing it and know I’ll be spending nearly all of tomorrow doing it. So uh. I’m doing what I want this evening and that’s writing self-indulgent fanfiction and watching videos. Lol. The week is half over. I’ll see you Friday. o-o


I can’t tell who has the better expressions here. XD

But I’m 99 and a half percent sure that Wiglaf will let Lance have some of his blood. He’s too nice, despite Mordred’s influence.


In all due seriousness, Wiglaf…go for it. Then we can have concrete explanation for your amazing gifts that literally no one can explain! I mean, even you have to be kinda curious.


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