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Security Installed His Own

Ha ha ha.

Oh Security. See what happens when you instigate fights? This. That’s what.

Look! It’s Hnæf! The other cast members do still exist somewhere. He be back in his lab. Where he belongs. HA HA.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“No Good Deed” from Wicked.


Security said “local affairs”.

From this evidence, I deduce that he is an alien.


My thoughts exactly. Wonder who “they” is.


Sounds like he’s a Time Lord. It would explain his name.


O.o Oh god what if he’s the Master?!


oh dear god i think were on to something here……


Liliy already said Security is NOT a Time Lord. She posted it during the “Sedrick goes nuts” arc, Like the page after Security saved Hnaef.


This. xD He is not related to Time Lords in any fashion. In fact, the thing that inspired him came out BEFORE Dr. Who. So, not related. XD


I have come out of the shadows (after several years) to say: Security has just become my favorite character.

Love it!


are we going to learn about Malachi? he seems more..modern that the others. a recent aquisition?

so why DID Security meddle? maybe he has a special attachment to the Garrot family.


Every time Security is around and does something, I end up loving him more XD But I want to know what he’s talking about too! He’s the quintessential mystery man in this story; we know very little! (and to think he was originally just a joke made recurring ^w^)


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