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Security Is Great With His

He already told Lancelot he doesn’t know, Mordred.

Be grateful. Lol.

Edit: I have decided to skip Sunday’s strip because…I wanted to finish something else. I was working on a fanfic chapter and wanted to¬†finish it. Lol. Plus, I’ve been feeling bad all weekend (not sick, but having a low weekend – I ended up watching Trolls all day Saturday to try and cheer up — which worked, by the way lol). I feel pretty good right now and spent an hour or so talking about D&D characters for next week’s one-shot. Since I’m not sure about what I want to draw, I’m going to think about it and get back to you guys on Wednesday. That way it’s something good. XD So I’ll see you then~


I love how Security is just so powerful that the plant has no effect on him, and Wiglaf just *does things* with no regard to how they’re supposed to work!


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