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Security Wants To Compare

Security is the only Security, don’t you know.

(That’s a lie. He doesn’t work here. Lol.)

Edit: D&D Went awesome. But it’s nearing 10 o’clock and that’s a bad time to start WaM when I know I’m going to have a crazy long Monday (being an adult has such a busy schedule…). o-o On the bright side, going to bed now gives me a chance to figure out what’s going to happen in that factory. Lol. Because I’m not sure yet either. XD See you Wednesday!


Ok, that Security comment brings up some questions.
1. How does Security even get jobs? He needs a background check, bank account, home address, and proof of citizenship for the applications, right?
2. What does Security even do with the money he earns?
3. What does he put down for a name and date of birth?
4. Who does he put down as references? His actual bosses or Mr. Garrot? Others we don’t know of?
5. How many jobs does he have if any after being grounded?


1. Security works where he wants. He has his ways of faking the data.
2. He uses it to purchase goods and services as needed.
3. He’s got a random generator for that sort of thing.
4. Himself. Sometimes he’ll put down the Garrotts if he needs to.
5. He had zero while he was grounded–he was cut off from his Official Channels and was unable to fake any data. :)


Yeah, Tour Security can’t really force Security out, he’ll just science he way back in. (Not magic. He’s very specific on that point.) However he does that.


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