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Security Wants To Stick Around

Why are there so many activities in the fall. Everything is starting up again at work and I’m tired. XD

Also there’s like a 90% chance I won’t be able to draw WaM on Friday. I’m going to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding and I’m not sure how late that’ll be. >.>; So we’ll see. If there’s no update on Friday, that’s your answer. Lol.

Thanks so much for reading!

Edit (9/19): So, it’s Sunday and boy was it a busy weekend. I was the Maid of Honor on a wedding all day Saturday and Sunday was pretty busy too with D&D. I’m exhausted in a good way and plan to go to bed early for this upcoming week. Mondays are always long. XD; I’m sorry about the double skip, but I will absolutely see you guys on Wednesday. I have a vacation coming up soon and I won’t be able to draw during it, so I definitely want to get some strips done before that. >.>; See you Wednesday! 

Edit (9/22): It’s Wednesday and I have a headache. It’s splitting and I’m going to bed. That’s all I’ve got. Getting old sucks, kids. Three of my older coworkers had headaches too and they blamed the weather. I guess it’s my turn too. Ug. I’ll see you on Friday. This past week and a half has been way too busy. XD;

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