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Sedrick Doesn’t Like Cones

Hey, all. So, long story short my tablet stopped working in the middle of the strip and I had to download and install new drivers as well as restart my computer to get it to work and by that point…it was after midnight. Work in the morning means I couldn’t finish.

But! Here’s the progress of what I have so far just to prove I was working on it and there was going to be an update today. 0-o

Hopefully it’ll be done by Tuesday. I have a thing I have to go to Monday night, so we’ll see. XD;;

Thanks for reading!

Edit: It’s updated! XD All fixed.

Edit 2: I just spent three hours in a parking lot waiting for a tow truck after my bro’s car decided to die. I’m going to finish working on something I started earlier and then I’m going to bed. o-o

Edit 3: My brother’s car is still out of commission. Wish us luck. But speaking, we ended up playing video games together and lost track of time. Good bonding. Not so good for WaM when it’s almost 11pm and I need to go to bed. o-o;;; I’ll see you guys on Sunday. Sorry!

Edit 4 (Sunday): Good news: My brother got his car back and fixed. Bad news: I feel nauseous. I think I ate something bad during D&D because I am wrecked.  I’m going to try and sleep this off so I’m okay for work tomorrow. *lies on side* Sorry guys!

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