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Sedrick Is Conflicted

Starting tomorrow I have company over for the week. I have no idea if I’m going to have time to draw & update next week or not. XD So uh. If I do, awesome! If not….I’ll see you the week after.

(I am planning to update if I can, but I really don’t know what’s on the schedule for next week.)

Thank you so much for reading! Take care of yourselves!

Edit: I changed my mind. Lol. Company has been here a day and a half and it’s clear things are going to be very spontaneous and I’m not good with that. So uh, I’m just going to call this a Vacation week and not worry about my comic or Flower Buds this week. Family & Fun stuff only (when I can get it in). So I look forward to a week of fanfic and whatever else. I will see you guys with the next strip on June 20! (Father’s Day!) Have a wonderful week!

Edit: Vacation lasted one more day! I forgot that we were starting D&D in person again so the session ran long. With having to go to work early tomorrow after a week of sleeping in, I thought it might be better if I went to bed early. >.>; But I will 100% see you guys with the next strip on Wednesday! I’ll see you there!


So with this new villain career of Arthur’s decided, are we going to see several new uniforms for him, Sedrick, and their minions over the course of disposing of the other villains?


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