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Sedrick Is Proud…Sort Of.

Sedrick was fun to draw today. I really love that first panel. I got his mouth just right. Sometimes you just like little drawing details. XD

Edit: Sunday night was very tiring. I need to start drawing WaM before D&D. Had fun, but it’s very social and I am very much an introvert, which makes for a draining event. Lol. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday.


Arthur can wrestle dragons, how is his sister stronger than him? It sounds like Janus is Arthur’s kryptonite.

Speaking of weaknesses, what turns the other Garrots into teddy bears???
For Arthur Sr. it is horses, Arthur Jr. falls to dragons, and Mordred fawns over dogs. So I’m curious about Janus and the long-absent Boudica.


For Janus, it’s her husband Geoffry (even if it’s not totally obvious at first glance). Boudica is music. :D


Huh, that explains so much. Especially about Boudica. Makes me suspect she’s secretly more terrifying than her siblings if were not for her music. I bet she could even give Lackey a real run for his money if she lost access to her music.

Thanks for the reply! :D


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