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Sedrick Really Hates These Events

Hurrah! Managed to find time to get WAM finished and uploaded in time. Even if today’s strip was a pain to draw…. Trying to draw and color while sitting in a lounge chair and watching The Dark Knight isn’t very productive…but…The Dark Knight. *cough*

Anyway, back with Sedrick and Arthur. I really need to finish this arc and get to a storyline that doesn’t involve the entire cast in one place. *_*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Wish I Had An Angel” by Nightwish


Great comic! Misery loves company, Sedwick loves Arthur, Arthur loves Mordred…you’ve done a great job here!

(On a random note, good choice on the sig; Nightwish FTW! Have you had a chance to see ‘em live?)


Yes. Yes it does. *pets Misery*

(Nope, haven’t seen them live. Haven’t seen many bands live actually. I think the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is the only one…)


:D Ah, poor Arthur, and all this time Sedrick is right there, and he wants you to smother him with love! :$

On a side note, normally I like the way you do the highlights on your characters’ hair (I can never do that style right), but it appears as those you actual outlined the highlight in Arthur’s hair, which is just kinda bothering me. :( No need to try and fix it, I wouldn’t expect you to, but just pointing it out for future reference.


Actually, Arthur and Janus don’t have highlights; they just have strips of white in their hair. :D It’s outlined like that in every appearance except their profile pics…heh.


:| No way…*goes to check some random strips with Arthur in it* Gosh dang, you’re right, how did I not notice that?! I am ashamed of myself. I must now cleanse myself of this shame…… *gets bored and goes back to drawing*

And BTW, you did know I meant highlights as in where the light shines of their hair the most, not higlights like coloured highlights, right?


Yes. :) I don’t bother drawing highlights (due to light shining) for Arthur & Janus because it wouldn’t show up against the white. They have white highlights as in their hair is literally white in those strips. ^_^


“focus for your need to smother” :happy: haha! that’s lovely :D

I so totally hope to see more homo happiness soon. Not just in the subtext. This is a great comic, but I am totally waiting for some man loving. :love:



I just started listening to Nightwish a few months ago and when I saw the lyrics I was SOP happy XD I love that song.

And oh of course Arthur. Sedrick’s right; Arthur needs a new thing to smother. Maybe his ice dragon….


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