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Sedrick Will Say No

Yes! Another strip of WaM that went live the day it was supposed to! Wins for me!

Thank you Drawing Streams for giving me accountabili-buddies to keep me on track!

Edit: Hey guys! I forgot to mention I have family visiting this week (they just got here in fact about an hour or two ago XD) which means my upcoming schedule this week is going to be hit or miss. I’m going to try and update Sunday since nothing is planned, but I’m taking tonight–Friday’s Update–off. I have a massive headache and I kinda want to relax after the week of prepping for them to come. So I’m going to do some fun writing and relax. I’ll (hopefully) see you Sunday! :D

Edit 2: Hey, guys. Sunday didn’t happen. xd;; I felt sick and family is still visiting for the full week. I’m crossing my fingers for a Wednesday update, but this might just turn into a week off for Vacation. But until then, I’m going to try and sleep this off since I have work tomorrow. o-o;

Edit 3: Executive Decision made: It’s Vacation week. Lol. I’m going to chill, relax, write whatever I want, and probably see you on Friday (June 28) since I get off work early. I hope you’re all having a good week and I’ll see you Friday!

Edit 4: This post is officially winning “most edits in a single week” and I’m thinking back to last Friday when I was mentally thinking “Just take the entire week off” and then didn’t do it. Lol. well, I guess fate wanted it because some things came up tonight (friends needed some company and movie night ran long) and now I’m crashing. XD There will be an update Sunday. 100%. Vacation is now over! Thanks for enjoying Arthur in his snuggly sweater in the meantime. :D


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