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Sedrick Would Be Jealous

I’m impressed this got done. I was so distracted. Lol.

I’m happy with it though. Sedrick means business. :D

Edit: No WaM today because I got behind on some stuff. I’m trying to catch up tonight and will probably be trying to catch up for like the next two weeks. Also family are coming to visit in June so I’m trying to prepare for that, too. Ahhhhhhhhh. Being an adult is too much work. I swear. Lol. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday (I hope.)

Edit 2: Uh. I ended up hanging out with my mom after work and by the time we got home and I crashed, it was raining which made me drowsy and this long explanation is to say that it’s almost 10:00 p.m. and I have to go to work early tomorrow because someone is giving me a ride (had to drop my car off for maintenance) and like two baskets of laundry to fold before bed. Oops. *clears throat* I will see you for WaM on Friday.

In the meantime, I’ve had a couple people ask me about  a WaM Discord. If you’d be interested, let me know on a comment here or drop me an @ on Twitter! :D


Ah, one mass murderer specialist and one seduction specialist as his two potential teachers to the art of being evil. And neither of those paths are actually suitable for Arthur. Of course.

I’m half way between suggesting that Arthur seek out a Mastermind Style Villain to teach him evil, but the only person I feel like we’ve seen that fits would be “Boss”. And, before anyone reads this and immediately things “Arthur’s Father”, I see him as closer to being a Charismatic Military Leader Type Villain. That is to say, he’s definitely a villain, and, if this was a movie with a hero’s victory at the end, Garrott Senior would end up personally beating the hero unconscious at least once, if not twice, before the hero “wins”. And since this story isn’t set out to ensure that hero’s always win, Mr Garrott would only defeat the theoretical hero once before immediately killing them.


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