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Sedrick’s Had An Outfit Ready

I’m pretty sure the last time we saw Arthur’s work uniform was in a flash back when Sedrick first shot Gawain in the head (112, I believe).

He’s a little overdue for an update. :P

And what bonds people together better than managing their fashion image? Lol.

Edit: I’m sorry guys. You will have to wait until Sunday for Arthur’s new outfit. Today was a crazy work day and I felt sick all day. I got home and it’s not looking like I’m feeling much better (I even skipped out on a friend thing that was planned tonight). I’m going to try and take it easy and will absolutely be crashing early. *waves* Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you with Arthur’s new outfit on Sunday!


“He’s a little overdo for an update. :P”

Sorry to be “That Guy”, but I’m pretty sure it’s “overdue”.


You are always welcome to be “that guy.” It is always appreciated. :D

I will fix that when I draw the next strip. XD


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