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Sedrick’s Unappreciated

Clearly the title is true, Sedrick was even covered by a word balloon. XD

Driver in that last panel is by far my favorite. She looks good for a wreck. :D


Madam Garrott is so manipulative. And Driver is hilarious as a wreck; I feel bad for her. XD Shame on security for not caring more; he needs another black eye.


Good job drawing Arthur as he’s putting on his coat. That’s not an easy action to capture, but you did it with his posture and with the lines and words indicating the motion.

Arthur looks pretty annoyed at his mother’s attempts to goad him, and Sedrick looks steamed at being talked over and ignored. Madam Garrott didn’t even thank him for the cup of tea. Poor guys.

Hip Hip Hooray for Driver!! I’m glad to see her again. ^_^


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