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See How Far He Gets

Arthur is going to do it. He’s going to be a bad guy worthy of being Wiglaf’s greatest rival.

Just…just watch him.

Edit: Lol. I ended up spending all of my Wednesday evening hanging out with my brother and playing Genshin Impact. It was an awesome evening but also cut into my drawing time. Oops. I guess that means I’ll see you on Friday! XD But yes: It is cool to hang out with your siblings if you have a good relationship. I highly recommend it. :D

Edit 2 (4/30): Long story short, I knew I was helping my folks with something Saturday morning that would require getting up early, but it’s like three hours earlier than I planned which means going to bed now. Or I will not make it through tomorrow. Its’ going to be a long day of helping out and moving stuff. Wish me luck and I’ll see you Sunday! XD

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