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Seeing Double

You guys almost got a sketch today; work’s really got me bummed…not that it’s bad mind you – I’m just tired. XD

If you’re curious, we got the name Geoffry from Geoffrey Chaucer, only I dropped the ‘e’ because I can’t spell. You might find out who Geoffry is later. :D

Anyway, enjoy the Garrott Family sibling complexes.

And yet again I’m loving Wiglaf. XD Which is odd for me. Anyway thanks for reading everyone!


It must be a topsy-turvy day today– while I like Wiglaf’s delivery/punchline, I’m really digging Mordred’s panel three expression! Good use of coloration in panel two, though it’s kind of funny that Janus is connected with mint green while Arthur’s connected with rose pink.

Mordred really is the black sheep, huh? Short bangs, reverse sibling senses, no red clothing– unless his underwear…? Don’t answer that. That’s something I really don’t want to know.

This camping trip well and truly took a path less trod, and quickly went awry. C’mon, Wiglaf. It’s time to escort Mordred away from here, if you two are truly friends.


Arthur and Janus have disturbing sibling complexes. *_* I almost feel bad for Mordred. And I’m really glad Arthur has that collar or I’d barely be able to tell him apart from Janus in the last two panels. XD


It really grabs attention how three of the panel backgrounds are colored green and the second panel background is colored pink as Arthur makes his sudden entrance. That’s a really interesting technique to change the color so abruptly for that one panel in order to herald Arthur’s arrival. It helps to reinforce the sudden surprise of the moment in that scene.

Alas, poor Mordred just can’t catch a break. Now he has both his older siblings about to do battle for his attention. I’m sure he wishes he could just disappear into thin air right now and go back to his poems. This would actually be a good time for Wiglaf and Mordred to slip away while Arthur and Janus are busy fighting. And Wiglaf gets in another funny line!


Here’s an interesting little factoid, Mordred was first known as Medraut. I would have thought that his family would at least refer to him as such.


Perhaps, The Rogue Baron, that they might use the ‘Medraut’ if he was the actual Mordred from Arthurian legend, but he’s only named after him. :) There really isn’t a particular need for the reference since he is a different person. Mordred’s the only name he’s ever had. :D

But that is a good tidbit. ^_^


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