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The title of today’s comic comes to you from Little Shop of Horrors. Specifically the term stood out in Audrey’s song “Somewhere That’s Green.”

“I know Seymour’s the greatest
But I’m dating a semi-sadist.”

And I liked it. :D

And I love the last panel. It turned out exactly how I wanted and that rarely ever happens.


Le Gasp! Oh noz! Wiglaf would never lose! What have you done Liliy?

That’s a very funny movie^^. But still! Gasp! Don’t kill Wiglaf!


That last line is priceless, and makes Camlann’s rant all the more hilarious.

And that’s an excellent question… why is Security holding Mordred’s hand? XD


Poor guy! Is Wiglaf ever going to ge a break?

I do really like the transition of the backgrounds. It fits very nicely.


Lots of swordfighting today. And yes, the last panel is well done–the change of background color is a good idea, and the angle is just right so that you can see exactly where Wiglaf was stabbed (but I’ll bet he has some trick up his sleeve).

Mordred’s line is amusing. I can see why he would be taken aback. Oh well, maybe Security just wanted to give him a friendly down-low high-five. XD


Ah. So that’s how you were planning to get rid of the chainmaille. Maybe Wiglaf can still pull through a la Mordred.

Unless Wiglaf dropped Camlann, I think Azrael just sliced deeply into his own thigh. >_< Ow.


very good strip .. i’m waiting next wednesday to know how will end all this

keep the good work, lilly!!


For some reason, I find it bizarrely hilarious that Azrael admits to having a masochist within. Perhaps it’s because he’s trying to be all kewl with all this “I will be the victor” talk and then he openly admits to some part of him liking the feeling of pain. I guess it’s just the contrariness of it that makes me laugh.


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