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Service and Friendship

*posts comic* Tada. XD

*passes out*

Edit: Sorry guys! No comic tonight. Work was kinda lousy and I spent most of the evening hanging out with my brother. I think I’m just going to chill for the next hour and go to bed early. I’ll see you Friday!

Edit 2 : You’re gonna’ laugh at me, but I found an old watch¬†while I was cleaning and spent the last hour uh…getting distracted trying to fix it and find the battery. LOL. My dad helped me get the back off and I can set the time, but I still have no idea how to set the date and day of the week…every guide I look up keeps mention multiple ways for the little screw thing on the side to pull out but it only has one setting. Long story short it’s 11 now and work sucked and I’m going to bed. XD I’ll see you on Sunday.

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Well that is kinda sad actually. Poor Driver. Hope she gets some satisfaction outta this.

I feel those two will be running off alone more often as time goes on after all.


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