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Settled In

Happy Easter everyone!


AAAAAAH!!!!!!! A day in the life of Wiglaf! *Bounces off walls in delight.*

Lessee… so he does get stuck with the chores (poor Wiglaf– life is hard when you can do everything perfectly, and probably do so out of habit), and apparently Driver likes seeing him use his muscles carrying awkward/heavy burdens, but nothing interferes with his hero work, and he still has his new friend in all of it!

When he works, he works hard. When he Works, he Works hard. And when he sits down, he falls asleep. I love this man.

Happy Easter, Liliy!


Poor Wiglaf doesn’t even get a mop.

I think what’s important here is how hard Mordred is working. I mean, look at him. He’s so tired, he falls asleep reading. Being evil takes a lot out of you. XD


Just couldn’t wait to get them sleeping together? XD

Very nice. I’m reminded of Suikoden 2… for… some reason. ^_^; I’d be interested to see what exactly Mordred was doing during all of this. My guess? Not much. XD


Awww! snuggle time! So amazingly cute :D that makes me happy. I was kinda worried I had imagined Wiglaf’s hots for Mordred. :D


One has to wonder if Wiglaf actually gets paid to do all this. Mordred calls him his lackey, which suggests employment, but since Wiglaf sees him as a friend, he might think that doing chores and other requests would be friend-like or paying for rent…But Mordred did say something about Wiglaf doing so much for so little pay…


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