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Shall We?

You may be wondering why WAM is a half-finished sketch with dialogue until further in the day/Saturday.

Writer’s block sucks. Today’s comic gave me all sorts of trouble and it was well after 11:30PM before I figured out what to do with it.

And why? Because I didn’t go with my gut instinct. Last Wed. after I wrote Pa Driver’s lines, I thought it would be fun to take his dancing line literally.

Today I went “Nah, that’s no good.” and wound up in circles and ideas that didn’t work until around 11:30 where I said “Screw it. I’m going with my gut.”

And you get Pa Driver dipping & spinning Wiglaf.

Goodnight. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Changes” by 3 Doors Down


Ha ha, Pa’s a bad ass. With class. :cool: And Azrael looks more than a little upset that his dance partner was stolen. I wonder if they’ll all just stand there or actually try to step in and do… something. XD


Whilst the dancing/fighting things is both funny and kind of awesome, my attention is largely focussed on the final panel – is Mordred actually displaying concern for Wiglaf’s wellbeing? In front of witnesses no less? Astounding.


I don’t know…. to me, it looks like Wiglaf may be about to fall on Mordred, or maybe on Mordred’s favorite fragile family heirloom. Or maybe Boudica is visiting, and just rounded the corner, and Mordred foresees disaster should she suddenly receive a lapful of show-stealing hero. But concern for Lackey? *Tries to consider for a moment.* Naaaaaahhhh.

Liliy, does this mean that Sunday’s comic is going to be one of those single-panel overhead shots showing an elaborate movement that gets Arthur out of the house by blocking his view of Mordred with elaborately placed and moving persons in the lobby? Don’t feel like you have to answer– it’s just that you’re in that “building up to an elaborate visual joke” mode that you sometimes do. You’ve got us waiting for the shoe to drop. :D


*stares at the comic carefully* No, actually, I think someone pushed Mordred. The shirt is bunched up above a belt, and Wiglaf’s shirt hangs loosely, regardless of his belt for some reason. I do however, find it odd that when startled and abruptly put in danger, Mordred immediately calls for Wiglaf. Or are those my fangirl senses finding things that don’t exist again?


Furthermore….Wiglaf’s hair isn’t long enough to dip below his shoulders anymore. I see some hair at the top of the shoulders. I do indeed believe that’s Mordred.

(And by bunched up, I mean Wiglaf’s only has a small little curve, but Mordred’s shirt is always so bunched up all baggy-like he’s wearing a shirt too big for him- that it makes more of a rounded larger…um…hill thing at the belt? I’m not sure how to say it…)


Nah; this is where I fail you all by posting a rough sketch. XD Wiglaf is indeed the one getting pushed. Which would have been clear if it was you know, in color.


Wiglaf’s hair is longer than usual. I mean, it’s longer in that one panel than it is in the other panels. :raisebrow: Which is part of why I thought it was Mordred.

My curiosity as Mordred’s concern for Wiglaf continues, though. Why do you even bother trying to deny they’re a couple? XD The slashers will get you, Liliy! >D


Heh heh. Wiglaf sure is shocked, and Azrael is enraged that he’s being cheated out of a swordfight. But why would Mordred be in a panic? Most likely it’s for some self-centered reason. Maybe Wiglaf is tracking mud on his mother’s fancy carpet or something. XD


That’s just plain great.

Pa Driver is one of your better characters. not the best, but definately amazing. I think Mordred is a bit more worried that he may end up with no Lacky soon more than anything else. Or more that one of his familie’s lackeys is beating him in a “fight”


And they all go sprawling!
Or perhaps fall into a conveniently placed crocodile hole/booby trap of some description.
Or break something.
I’m personally backing ‘falls awkwardly on Mordred’.
(Hah, dancing!)


Well, I’ve been attempting to comment on the other comments, but for some reason it just wasn’t working. >_>

Anyways, I think you could gauge how much I still love WAM by how much other people still love it…. TIMES 5 BILLION!!! MWAHAHA!!! ………. I dunno…. just in a weird mood. O_o

And the new reply/comment system is annoying; I have to re-enter my info every time! Or, is it just me? I started using FireFox, and it already screwed up 75% of my bookmarks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just FireFox being a jerk to me.


Hmm. Usually the browser will save that information. Sorry you have to keep filling it in. XD Thank-you for the effort.


Papa driver is the best! I’m so glad you went with him taking the “change dance partners” seriously!

Yeah… I too am curious what Mordred is worried about? Himself? Possible heirloom? Or…. >_> Wiglaf???


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