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Man did I drop the ball getting this one up on time. XD My bad.

Anyway, Prudence & Frank are officially the most well adjusted, non-dysfunctional couple in WaM. Sorry Galen and Ricky! You lost your spot.

*huggles them and pinches their cheeks* Been waiting so long for this one…and then I put it up late. Ha ha.

You love me.

Anyway, we’re back to our regularly scheduled normal-WaM non-flashbacks Sunday. Where our two rings, Flair & Facile will give a two second recap of their backstory. Enjoy~

Song Listening Recommendation:

Go listen to “Somewhere That’s Green” from The Little Shop of Horrors. This strip reminds me of it. Sort of. XD


You know I really like Prudence, she has a good story. But I still wonder what make Grace and Éclat so afraid of her. Liliy will you let us know soon, Please?


The last two stories make me realize this organization is really evil. Hope Morderd’s rescue party gives them some comeuppance.


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