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Sharing Is Caring…Sort Of

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! XD

I swear, I’m dropping the ball on scheduling posts lately. I try and schedule them first and then post to Patreon, but I guess I did it backwards this week. This went up on Patreon on time last week, but I guess I forgot to schedule it here. *smacks own cheek*

Can’t be helped now. Glad Icy reminded me to post it in a comment, though. So thank her, and here you go!

I hope everyone has a good Christmas Eve, and a great Christmas Day tomorrow, and sorry again it’s late! XD;


Augh, I love all the artifacts and their owners~ I think they’re all tied for my favorite because every time one of them shows up (any of them) I get so happy and say their my favorite therefore, all of them are my favorites~ *pets Vilhelm and Dan and Malachi*

It’s still a little bit early, but Merry Christmas Liliy~ =D


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