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She Could Be Guarding Air?

Not much from me despite WaM being up yesterday.

I’m kinda out of it right now. XD And I think I’m catching a cold.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Band of Gold” by Freda Payne


Giggle “Tattle Tale Hanef” All the spunk and stockery obsession of regular Haneif now with tattleing action! LOL


Wait– who’s she again? There’s too many characters, I can’t keep up!


Tags show her to be new. She appeared as a background character when Sedrick first started on the podium.
But there are a lot of characters.


How come Wolfey never gets a tag?

Liliy’s motto of comic creation, “If in doubt add another character”


I thought that was Tite Kubo’s method. Isn’t that why Bleach has a few hundred characters now? (He has no idea where to go with one character’s story, he makes up a new one.)


Thought process:
“Isabelle is a sinister woman.” -> “Isabelle = donna sinestra.” -> “Is Isabelle a southpaw?”

Geoffry is actually an action man beneath all those chains.\/\/0o+.


Heh heh, Wolfy is great. And Geoffry and Safir rushing to find Janus is fun to see, with them trying to beat the clock before Hnaef finishes tattling. XD

*Applauds introduction of Isabelle* It’s always fun to see new characters. And Isabelle’s strange appearance with her hair covering her eyes suggests that she’ll be entertaining.


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