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She Doesn’t Appreciate That

Ha ha. You all will tire of Éclat’s misogyny jokes long, long before I do. :D

So, yeah. This week is going to be a definite sporadic/spastic WaM updating schedule. Between field work, Bible Study, and some pre-existing obligations–my week is pretty booked. XD

I’ll try and get you guys your three updates…just no guarantee of when or in how many stages they’ll appear. :D

In the meantime…enjoy Driver taking the spotlight for a while. She’s had it coming. XD

Edit: Hey look! Color. Uh, Friday’s WaM might show up on Saturday if you guys are lucky. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Part of Me” by Katy Perry


Give it up Éclat, you can’t win.
And it’ll be worse once Bliss gets back from where ever she is, then there’ll be 5 women! (I’m assuming the three he was referring to before Driver came in were Gwen, Prudence and Flair)


Weeeell… there’s been no sign of Flair. Maybe he’s REALLY confused about Azzie. XD


Considering Flair is one of the rings she’s probably there we just aren’t being shown here atm (just like we know Azzie and Ben are there but can’t see them right now).


I love how Driver just hurls a bag of groceries at her target as soon as she steps into the apartment. She’s obviously had to do this before, because it comes so naturally to her. XD

Eclat is going to have a miserable day if any more of the female cast of WAM show up. XD


It would be really funny if Bliss AND the Valkyries show up. I don’t think Eclat could take the amount of women in that apartment. XD


I don’t think the apartment could take that particular mixture of women – all we need to add was maybe brat to round things out.


Hm, no, what about Janus? She might make a nice addition. Or Boudica! Boudica would make Eclat’s head explode because it would be like another Bliss XD A Bliss that wants to kill Wiglaf…..


Oh dear… I don’t know if ANYONE/THING could survive them all… I only mentioned Bliss because she has to go back to Mordred sooner or later and wherever Azrael goes the Valkyries soon follow.


I love how Guinevere looks like me and is a baddie. And as for them not telling the difference, yeah I get that too. xD


Someone help me with something: I count Guinevere, Prudence, and Driver, which makes three. Who am I missing,and when did I miss her?


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