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She Likes Feathers

Run Ben Run! You’re in the line of fire and this chapter’s about you!!! *gasp gasp*

Okay. Today’s topic is for a friend! Buddy of mine is in between jobs and could use a little help! How can you do this? By purchasing one of her fine prints or Zazzle products! :D She has a floral thing going on and all of her works are really pretty! So please, please at least take a look? Thanks so much!!!!

DeviantArt Prints & LithiumZinc Zazzle Store

Her stuff’s cool. Go check it out! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hair” by Lady Gaga


…wow. I can’t believe that I was right. On the other hand, Action! We’ll get to see more witty lines villains and heroes think up.


Looks like bliss has gotten over the physical blemish and is working on her wardrobe now.

So camlann can’t see Bliss?

Flying the coop? Our erstwhile former verbose sword is running away now?

The hunt is on! Release the Hounds!
[├ęclat] Hounds? Don’t mind if I do. {Frrrzap}


I see Camlann and Bliss falling in love and having floating, glowing sword-children. With dull blades, of course. :love: :love:


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