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She Loves It

It’s up! XD Sorry it’s late.

Also, I didn’t know Driver was an 80′s fanatic either. News to me, too.

We’ll eventually get up to the pets. XD

ALSO! I do have a few Pair-a-Thon entries sittin’ in the old inbox. XD They’ll be up shortly. I’m just getting a list ready so I can upload a bunch at once. :3

EDIT: More overtime at work. Cutting into my drawing hours. XD Sorry! No WaM on Wed.

“Misty Mountains” from Hobbit. <3


She needs a raa-raa skirt! Ohhh, they were hideous, and how I longed for one… you’re giving me all sorts of teenage flashbacks here…


Raa-raa skirt what’s that. Sorry born in the 80′s, but most of what I remember is from Full House.


A monstrosity of a skirt! It was very short, either with tiers of ruffles around it or one very full (more than full circle) layer over net – basically a puffy mini skirt.

Though those pencil skirts were in too especially for the skinnier girl (I remember several incidents as a student where people were greatly embarrassed when the back seam of their cheap fashion item pencil skirt split completely – usually when cycling, or climbing over a gate, or the like).

And dirndl skirts with deliberate petticoat-lace showing at the bottom.

I was a teen through most of the 80s… I even had the perm… and I was excellent at that eye makeup look which required metallic sysline AND involved three metallic shades of powder applied to the WHOLE area between lashes and eyebrow… War Paint Indeed!

And the shoes…


And neon green, leopard-print leggings. I found a picture of my mum in a pair, and it’s been scarred into my psyche (and retinas) ever since.


I can’t believe they had these in their closets. Also Driver an Wigalf I think they’d be cute together. Cause even though she may not admit it she like s Wiglaf. i mean why else would she call him Suger.


Heh heh, that’s a very loud outfit. But amusing too. XD So Driver has closets of this stuff, huh? What a funny little secret.

Now Wiglaf and Mordred must be wondering how they will adjust to this new revelation. XD


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