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She Made Herself Clear

I will fix the typo on the strip before this later. Lol. I forgot to do it in the insanity of last week. I think today was the first “Feel good” day I’ve had since uh….last Sunday.

I am praying this upcoming week was not like the last one. o-o;;;;;; Thank you so much for being patient with me last week. Between being sick, an ER visit, my fish dying, and being short handed at the office it was kinda nuts.

So I went easy on myself today for the comic. LOL. Enjoy Madame Garrott setting things straight.

Sedrick will disagree.

Edit: Wednesday was long and I’m taking a break. I’m still half recovering from last week. For real. I will see you guys on Friday. *thumbs up*


Sedrick may, MAY, be more evil than Madame Garrott, but also has far less experience at being an evil villain, and has already shown that he has less ideas on what constitutes being an evil villain than I suspect Madame Garrott has done in order to simply give some variety to the job she has now retired from.

That said, I foresee this training resulting in multiple fist fights between Sedrick and Madame Garrott, while Arthur ends up learning nothing.


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