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She Misses Him Already

What’s this? The Valkyrie Sisters? What happened to the two heros!? Did the polar bear get them? Did they drown? What about the man eating Ice Berg!

Was it….all a dream? o_O Would the authoress do that to you? Would she!?


Keep reading and find out. :D

I do so love being evil~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Make Me Wanna Die” by The Pretty Reckless


I just love Driver’s accent.

Noo~ I wanna know what happened. THE SUSPENCE IS KILLING ME.

Fancy clock ya got there. =D



You’re a wicked, wicked woman, Liliy. XD This suspense is gonna choke your readers to death! :happy:

But seriously, I love this. Hooray for the return of the awesome Driver and the awesome Valkyries! I’ve missed them. :D I have to say that Driver’s Southern accent and Svafa’s Valley Girl speech are extremely well-done and are highly entertaining together in the same strip engaged in a dialogue.

It’s great to see Svafa furiously obsessing over wrestling matches again. XD I also like how you drew Driver in the first three panels; she really does look like she’s had a horrible nightmare. Also, you gave Driver and Svafa some really appealing poses throughout. Nice work. :D


Evil is fun. I really don’t care about the suspense though, I read a handful of comics and I’ve read alot of books so, I guess I’m immune :D .

P.S. here is an EVIL laugh for you to use Lilly: tee hee :lol2:



It was a dream, but it was also real!

This is because Driver clearly has latent psychic powers that, in their early stage, enable her to perceive what is happening in distant parts of the world while she is sleeping. Later these powers will develop to a point where she is able to wield unimaginable power. She will then use that power to help Mordred commit various villainous acts and finally win his love!

In the mean time Wiglaf will be driven mad by his inability to stop driver and her tremendous powers but will still find a small band of rebels to rally behind him as he mounts a resistance movement against the tyrannical rule of Driver. Wiglaf’s madness will not fully manifest itself until, in the final showdown, Wiglaf’s mind begins trying to relive the simpler, more peaceful days of being Mordreds lackey; the result of Wiglaf’s madness will be that he begins to believe that Driver is Mordred and Mordred is Driver so he will begin competing with Mordred(whom he believes to be Driver) for the attention and friendship of Driver(whom he believes to be Mordred.)

I know I shouldn’t be giving away the story, but this is clearly the most logical conclusion.



I see now~ Though – in all fairness I never specified what specifically Driver was dreaming about. Just who was in it. :P


Ah, I see. Then I’m changing my theory to she had a nightmare where Wiglaf learned how to drive and got a license.


For the sake of my sanity as a biology major, it better have just been a dream. Otherwise I’m going to go mad trying to figure out how a polar bear managed to get onto an iceberg down at the cape considering they don’t live anywhere near that area.


Read previous strip comments,Two perfectly good explanations, fell off circus ship or was appointed guardian of the sacred iceberg that wonders the Earth’s oceans.


Ha ha… all a dream. That’d be quite the cop-out. I’m guessing no; Driver probably had the sort of dream that’d be inappropriate for a PG-13 comic were it ever committed to page. XD


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