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She Needed The Hug

Whoo. Tried something new in panel 2. I think it worked…

And crazy December continues. Busy, busy, busy, am I right?

“And I will always love you!”

“I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton


Hold on, Bliss nullifies magic and Dragons are magical sort of beast(or at least they are usually portrayed as such, no idea how Liliy made them work) So Mordred could basically take out two things at once.

Or I have spended too much time with tactics or wargaming…


Just one note – while your fade-out effect in panel 2 is pretty good and one of the best attempts at spatial ordering to date, the size of Wiglaf’s fathers fighting in the mid-background indicates to the eye that both the two are far away from Mordred, and that the house is titanic in size. Enlarge them so that they only look about 10-ish feet away, and the suspension of disbelief is more easily held.

Also hehe, backboob (though I don’t know if Mordred appreciates or notices it)…


i’m confused, by Panel 2, does everyone mean panel 3? or is panel 2 really just panel 1.5?

but yes, the fadeed panel, whichever one that is, is very good.


XD I think we all mean panel 3, since that’s the one with the interesting viewpoint. Liliy just put panel 2 in her author comments and us being silly sheep didn’t bother to make sure it was right. We said panel 2 but meant panel 3.


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