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She Should Know Better

And we’re finally getting to the action! Ha ha. Azrael vs Wiglaf. Should be fun.

And have all of you recovered from Friday’s post? I’m sorry to have done that to you but it was far too much fun to not do it. In any case, I’ll promise to behave for a little bit longer. ^_^


Hahaha! My favorite part is definitely Wiglaf taunting Azrael about his “girly little rapier.” I’m looking forward to seeing Wiglaf beat Azrael to a pulp. And while he’s at it, maybe he should grab both Azrael and Mordred and clunk their heads together. XD

Azrael is an even bigger fool than I thought. The fight hasn’t even begun and he’s already losing control. This is why he is such a flawed vassal—he’s hotheaded and he’s easily provoked into mindless fury.

I like the layered, multichromatic backgrounds used in the panels. Nice job, this is a great edition.


I have to disagree with Blackford; I’m liking Azrael a lot more than Mordred as a nemesis for Wiglaf. He might be rash, but Mordred comes off as inept and more than a little stupid. I don’t get that from Azrael… yet.

And Brat managed to steal the entire strip again. XD Great backgrounds.


I’d agree. Mordred isn’t Wiglaf’s nemesis at all. More like best friend/love interest (lol, to the latter). Azrael is more of an enemy/nemesis.

I’m rereading, and I haven’t really found much nemesisy moments between Arthur and Wiglaf, for some odd reason. o.o. All nemesis confrontations happen between Azrael and Wiglaf. Arthur’s just the overprotective big brother.


Finally I read all your comic. I love it and It’s very hilarious. ;__; I’m a bit sad because Mordred cut Wiglaf’s hair, however, Mordred is my favourite <3

Sorry or my bad English X°D *Italian girl*


Hmm… Current question: Will Liliy (A) draw a fight sequence, (B) draw a sequence where we see Brat and Mordred wincing in gruesome ways, (C) skip the whole thing by doing an Arthur-and-Sedrick comic, or (D) skip the whole thing and just show one of the combatants collapsed on the ground in pain while the other dusts off his hands?

Anyone up for betting on whether or not Grace and Camlann are exes of some sort?

Like Blackford said, Liliy, neat work with the backgrounds (esp. the way they reflect the stability of Wiglaf’s mood), and I’m definitely digging all the different postures you gave Azrael.


Eventually I will get around to doing (A) my dear KGJ… if only because I have a pose in my head I really want to draw that will probably take up the entire sheet. Otherwise it’d probably be one of those other options because I’m notoriously lazy. :D

However…we’ll be having a short intermission before we get there. Mwa ha ha ha ah ha.


*Pounces on and hugs Liliy.* Hurray! :D The intermission may include some exposition of sorts. *Hopes.*

(I still don’t think you’re lazy, b.t.w. Motivating factors are different for everyone.)


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