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She’d Be a Great Drag King

Fun strip today: Driver’s back and we can see the instant camaraderie of men when faced with a potential angry woman.

And despite certain pictures in the gallery of Driver wearing dresses, she only wears them when Mordred is around. :D So technically Wiglaf’s never seen her in a skirt. ‘Cause even out of uniform she wears slacks (and more often than not a tie).

Poor Driver; the female uniform just doesn’t seem to fit. XD


id like to see driver with a more feminine look some time her and security are my favorite characters
oh and when does this comic update exactly?


She does look fine in her normal uniform; I’m sure she’l be more than happy to hurry back to it once this little arc is over with. XD

And we update Sun., Wed., And Fri. :D


Driver has always looked good in her normal uniform with slacks, though it’s cool to see her wearing the standard Garrott-family female uniform for a change. She looks cool in both uniforms. ^_^

I like how both Wiglaf and Mordred immediately snap to attention in the third panel and act very deferential toward Driver so she won’t get mad. XD


Poor Driver, I know the feeling. I had to wear a dress going out to dinner with Sean once because all of my other clothes were dirty. I think the poor man almost died of shock.


Something occurs to me as I re-read this strip: we’ve never seen Driver’s eyes. I wonder what color they are? Perhaps something unnatural, for her to keep them hidden all the time? Or perhaps it’s just to lend to her boyish looks? Either way, I’m curious.


I’m wondering what Mordred was going to say after “True as that may be…” Something to do with the lovely yellow sundress picture perhaps? :D


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