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She’ll Care Later. It’s a Good Book.

Hey! WaM is up.

I have decided.

To take a break over the holidays.

Things have been stressful, and I think I need it. So, WaM’ll start up again the first Saturday after January 1st. :3

See you guys then! *hugs you all*


This page most have taken you days to draw. Look at those panels! The complex design and huges differences between them! Daaaaaaays!


The sarcasm is strong with this one.


I don’t know. If this is the first time someone’s noticed my extensive use of copy-paste in all these years, I think I was doing pretty good. *rubs chin


Oh I noticed. Looking back at the last 7 pages, there are 19 panels spread over those updates that are the same except for tiny facial changes. It’s hard no to notice. But oh, well who cares, it’s hard enough being a web comic maker in the firstplace, so copy and pasting is a great way to keep some semblance of sanity.


That why it’s always bugged me when people act like copy+paste is a bad thing. Like, it’s not.
I mean, I’ve sat in the streams and even using copy paste for the lines/colours it still can take upwards of 2 hours for the page to be completed(provided liliy is not distracted by anything).
The whole copy paste thing never bothered me(especially since I have tried drawing a comic and is was not easy, at all).


Call me Lazy, but if all that changes is the eye, mouth, or hand, and it takes X number of hours to draw, color, and shade said character, I’d copy and paste too!


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