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She’s Back

Hey look! A certain someone is back and lots of fun to be had by all. :3

However, you may have noticed WaM is unfinished. Yet again. Color later.

But you know what IS finished!? MY BOOK!

This is the only time I’ll be mentioning it here to save you the endless, shameless, advertising–so please check it out. XD

CHILDREN OF HEPHAESTUS : Yandere androids, a killer complete with an eye obsession, a disgruntled detective, and engineers thrown into parenthood–there’s a bit of everything in this sci-fi/horror novel. It’s more serious than WaM though, and leans more toward the mid to older-teen level of reading–so fair warning that it’s not for all of you WaM fans. :3 However, if it looks up your alley, I’d be happy if you checked it out!  (Kindle Here, Paperback Here!)

Also, it’s got an entry on Goodreads if you want to add it to your To-Read list! :D

Thanks everyone!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Gangnam Style” by Psy.

It’s absurdly catchy. XD I’ve been listening to it for a while.


Securitus ex Machina to the rescue! I sense that sometime soon someone is going to put a stop to his interfering all the time…. Considering the cloak of secrecy/rules and regulations he apparently has to operate under


So, I think I’ve missed something. Considering Bliss’ powers, what is Security using to warp around?

Sorry if this already came up.


Heh heh, nice job on the last panel where Malachi is forcibly separated from Vilhelm. And hooray for the return of Bliss! This ought to be fun.

Good thing Driver’s getting over the bleeding. That can’t be pleasant.

“I was never here!” Ha ha, the story of Security’s life. XD


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