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She’s Frisky Today

This strip is pretty much a direct response and/or inspired by recent comments lately. XD Your welcome & now you know.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Driver hasn’t hit on anyone for a while. Needed to change that. *wink*

EDIT: No WaM until Sunday. :3 Catchin’ up on my NaNoWriMo! :D

EDIT 2: WaM’ll be late on Sunday. XD Go me!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Good Company” from Oliver & Company (Awesome movie


True, she hasn’t hit on anyone in a while, but then again….no one’s been naked in a while. Or showing their bod off extensively. You have to have something to check out before you check someone out.


It’s nice ta see her interested in someone again other than Mordred. :) Though it’s still buggin’ me as to why Driver has never asked out Wiglaf. Also as to why Wiglaf has never gone on a date or even asked a gal out. With as man girls who adore him in public you think he’d date, right?! I can’t be the only one who thinks this.


If I may speak to this sort of experience (to a lesser extent)? When you have goals/jobs/interests/something to do, especially when said something involves thinking of/acting for others ALL THE TIME, such as Wiglaf does, having a significant or semi-significant other around that you have to think of/act for in your spare time as well gets very, very, very tiresome (in every sense of the word that you can imagine). Wiglaf is in his early twenties, so he’s probably had quite a bit of time to try dating out long before we ever met him, and may already have given it up. Don’t worry. Some day he’ll probably meet up with a nice woman who happens to be walking the same path alongside him.

Besides, if Wiglaf has a hard time keeping friends because they all get intimidated or irritated by his perfection, what makes you think he can keep a girlfriend?

(And Driver did hit on Wiglaf. He just insulted her by assuming she was a guy and then got into the position of being a rival for Mordred’s time before she could work around to the “asking out” stage. ^_^)


Actually, Mordred dragged her off Wiglaf and told her to get back to work instead of flirting, thus shocking Wiglaf with the revelation that Driver was a girl.
Do believe the line was something along the lines of ‘I swear, that girl can’t keep her hands to herself.’


Uh oh. Driver’s been set off again. Even though she hasn’t hit on anyone in a while, she can be quite aggressive when she shifts into flirtation mode. Herschell may not respond well to that. But it should definitely provide a lot of amusing moments! ^_^


I don’t know. I think Herschell might like someone fluffing his ego. And if Driver gets aggressive with her flirtation, as she is sometimes wont to do, he might accept the physical contact as another form of petting. (I.E. a way to shower attention and adoration upon his wonderful self.)


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