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She’s Sensible

Ha ha, my break made me lazy. I guess you know the drill–Color later.

Either way, it’s good to be back! :D

Edit: COLOR! :D


At least we know she really does care about him, in her own way. She’s keeping him from going on a suicide mission after all.
Wonder if Lance’ll clue in on that?


Or she wants Mordred to be the mastermind of their revenge, and knows Lance would screw it up despite all Mordred’s immaculate plotting.
Either way, Lance probably won’t clue in on it, at least not until he’s about to go to bed later this night, so shocked is he by the ghastly misdeed that has been committed against Driver.


He is a mad scientist that specializes in gene manipulation if he can’t go after the cause he can fix the problem, make her a new eye.


Isn’t he just a botanist? And besides, Security was the only deus ex machina this comic had going for it, and he’s shut down for now.


Yay! The color’s up and my hopes of minigun strawberries continue, even if it seems that they won’t be pointed at the cult, the leader of which would probably just send the bullets straight at Lance.


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